Representative Projects

Currently, the facility is conducting studies focusing on diabetes, drug toxicology, heart failure, arrhythmias, gene, drug and cell therapy and other cardiovascular diseases. In addition to studying disease, the core conducts laboratory teaching exercises for undergraduate and School of Medicine and Public Health courses.

Phenotype of transgenic mice

This mouse model is routinely used to test drug, stem cell and other treatments.

Primate stem cell injection

We have recently tested myocardial injection catheters to inject stem cells into infarcted swine hearts and tested innovative 3-D imaging techniques for accurate targeting.

Medical Device Testing

Embryonic stem cells are injected into a myocardial region damaged by ischemia. Animals are followed longitudinally to determine the effect of stem cell treatment on cardiac function.

Mouse myocardial infarctions

Echocardiography is used to determine whether mice over expressing key metabolic enzymes have increased resistance to acute and chronic oxidative or ischemic stress.